Glentaffe Capital seeks to offer a new kind of private corporate finance service – one that retains traditional values whilst building new life.

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As a team we have helped a wide range of clients

Glentaffe Capital provides a new Private Corporate Finance and Management Consulting approach. We always start from the market position for the client’s products or services, and tailor-make our solutions to achieve their strategic requirements and ambitions.


Our mission is to help CEO’s, management teams, and investors to create and clarify the best strategic direction, and agenda for their business. Glentaffe Capital organises resources and capabilities to implement and achieve the chosen outcomes.

We take a front-office approach and ensure our client’s success through leveraging our extensive experience, combined with the use of marketing, finance and digital technology. We ensure our clients address their marketplace, profitably, efficiently and effectively through technology.

We develop lasting change by working with our clients to transfer skills, knowledge and competences while delivering on the project at hand. We are practical, experienced ‘blue chip’ professionals that will get to the heart of the matter, and always get the job done.

Glentaffe Capital has access to a global network of strategic partners and contacts. No matter what the scope of project, we can guarantee that we have the resources, and industry experts on hand to deliver your strategic business requirements.

We want to help all business stakeholders including investors, business owners, management and employees, to enjoy the success and rewards that come from a strategy that delivers a clear value proposition, properly planned, resourced and delivered.

Glentaffe Capital is unlike most large consultancies. We collaborate with clients right from the off, and our clients are integral to the development of bespoke business processes. It’s our opinion that there is no ‘one size fits all’. Glentaffe Capital expertly blends our senior industry experience, with a flexible, cost effective and collaborative way of working.






We start from the client’s marketplace for its products and services and ensure success from all perspectives: marketing, finance, legal and technology. We have deep expertise in mergers and acquisitions, capital raising and restructuring, supplemented by specialists in AI, Robotics and Blockchain.


We have a diverse team from the worlds of sales and marketing, banking and legal affairs, digital technology, restructuring and management consulting. We have the breadth of experience and competencies to address almost any challenge we meet.

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We like to do the sort of work where we can make a difference, exceed expectations and add value. If you would like to talk about an investment, an opportunity or indeed a pressing issue, please get in touch.

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