Glentaffe Capital Help Clients to Prosper in Difficult Times & Beyond

Glentaffe Capital had a challenging 2020, as did most businesses as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic. A great deal of organisations had to look hard at their business models, and determine whether to grow, exit, pivot, or alter – if not shift their focus.

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Glentaffe Capital goes from strength to strength

Andrew and the team provided numerous clients with valuable services including Due Diligence, Finance Raising Advisory, Business Restructuring, and Customer Driven Growth.

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Glentaffe Capital goes live in 2020

We are now ready to help busy CEOs get the detail done. We are up and running with website and the team is on hand to complete marketing strategies, get deals executed, restructure businesses and put financing in place. Corporate finance and consulting work will be handled by Glentaffe directly through Andrew, Stephen and Michael. Procurement and cost management will be run in conjunction with our business partners Auditel – a 90 or so strong UK franchise of industry experts and top suppliers.

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Getting Business Transformation ‘Done’

‘Get Brexit Done’ they said, but it cannot be magically ‘Done’.

Such is the case too with Business Transformation, where arguably some 80% of so called transformation programmes fail to deliver the desired outcomes, on time and on budget.

The reality for management is about adapting and adjusting to the new operating models, and having not only the leadership and wit to do so, but also the right tools and techniques to see what needs to be done, and how best to deliver it, with the support of the business.

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