ReachX Interview

An interview for The ReachX with me series, organised on a weekly basis where the team members and advisors share their projects and their perspectives on their industry.

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Steve Jobs
Technology: Digitalisation | Why Steve Jobs and Bill Gates still matter

I am a fan of Steve Jobs. He changed the face of technology more than anyone else in my view, and made it more accessible and customer centric through design; style; flair; attention to detail; and purpose. As a result, technology and computers became cool, and increasingly mainstream, and not just for geeks and an innovative minority.

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What the puck?
Due diligence and ice hockey – What the puck?

You might ask what ice hockey has in common with corporate finance and due diligence? Both are competitive, are conducted at speed, prone to collisions and very risky. The ice on the rink is solid although the terrain of due diligence is uncertain, and failure can break businesses and even end careers! Some 85% of mergers and acquisitions fail to increase shareholder value – so the plays and moves are critical.

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Glentaffe Capital Help Clients to Prosper in Difficult Times & Beyond

Glentaffe Capital had a challenging 2020, as did most businesses as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic. A great deal of organisations had to look hard at their business models, and determine whether to grow, exit, pivot, or alter – if not shift their focus.

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