Our Team

We have a core team of senior professionals, former leaders and managers of businesses themselves. We come from the worlds of sales and marketing, banking and legal affairs, digital technology, restructuring and management consulting.

We have the breadth of experience and connections to address any challenge we meet. We have a developed network of experts including technicians on AI, Robotics and Blockchain to bring in as appropriate on assignments.

Alongside this we have strategic partnerships with several organisations including Auditel, Through them we have reach and access to deep expertise in cost reduction, outsourcing both on and offshore, digital technology, IT hardware and software management, and other overhead services including energy, telecoms, and building services. Whatever the issue, we have the right sector and subject matter expertise to deliver the right solution for you.


Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith

Managing and Consulting Partner

Andrew delivers many different types of business and finance transformation projects. Andrew gets involved with a variety of Glentaffe Capital service offerings from due diligence and finance raising, through restructuring, and post merger integration. He has an MA in Economics and Modern History from St. Andrews University. He is also a qualified accountant, completed an MBA, and studied corporate finance with London and Columbia University Business Schools.



Stephen Cahill

Stephen Cahill

Marketing Partner

Stephen has a wealth of experience in advising clients on a range of critical issues including strategy development, strategic positioning, value propositions, market sizing and segmentation, brand strategy and management, brand and customer diagnostics, business plan development and target operating model development. Stephen has a BA(Hons) in Modern History from the University of London, an MSC in Business Management from the London Business School, and an AMP from INSEAD


Stuart Duncan

Stuart Duncan

Latin American Partner

Stuart is an international banker with over 25 years’ experience in Latin America, with a proven track record in the development and implementation of effective business strategies, achieving strong business results across a number of key banking businesses.

He fully understands the attributes of successful businesses and how bank financing and the provision of business advice that goes with it can be a key ingredient to that success. Stuart graduated from St Andrew’s University with an MA (Hons) in Economics and completed the Senior Executive Programme at Manchester University Business School.



Whilst we usually make the initial contacts and have the experience and wit to understand the context and problems to be solved, once we do we not hesitate to reach out where needed to find the relevant industry, market and subject matter expertise to deliver the work. We will find the man or woman who can.

We have a range of partnerships and are importantly and primarily are working with Auditel

Auditel is a leading procurement and supply chain management consultancy. They help organisations make effective and informed procurement decisions in a rapidly- evolving market. Since its founding in 1994 they have built a strong network of over 100 procurement specialists.

Auditel specialists come from a broad range of professions, commerce and industry – giving their clients access to an unrivalled level of knowledge skills and expertise.

Andrew is a client manager for Auditel and also delivers on business transformation and corporate finance projects, helping widen Auditels service offering.

Andrew is also helping Auditel engage with the private equity, wines and spirits, and power generation and renewable energy sectors.

Glentaffe Capital has strong and ongoing partnership with Auditel and its suppliers including those in information technology, foreign exchange payments, outsourcing, artificial intelligence and robot process automation.



The team has had deep and varied careers working internationally and has a rich network of former colleagues and connections around the world. Many of these connections are multilingual.

Thus Glentaffe Capital has a global network of associates all of whom have been leaders in their chosen fields. Thus we have known leaders in industry restructuring, business transformation, procurement and international banking. These individuals cover all geographies and a wide variety of industries.

And works in association with a number of organisations: